Dear all

If you had missed the interview with Ajahn Brahm, please watch it on:

Here, Ajahn talked about why he resigned, his health and how sub-committees consisting of BSWA members can help to reduce his workload. He also explained how the sub-committee can work on what they are tasked to do, in compliance with the governance model within BSWA.

This session also provided insights into the workload undertaken not only by Ajahn Brahm but also by the committee members who most often than not, experienced burnouts and subsequently, stepped down from the committee, leaving Ajahn Brahm to constantly look for new committee members each year, particularly with the executive committee positions.

It was heartening to see and hear from Don, Treasurer from the last committee, on why he opposed the motion not knowing the distress this has caused Ajahn. It’s good that we cleared the air with all seeing the big picture. I encourage all not to be hard on those who had opposed the motion during the AGM but instead, to help them understand with compassion and wisdom. We believe that all of them had the best intention.

With this, I encourage all our full/honorary members to understand why this change in Constitution is necessary for the long term good of the society and to cast your vote responsibly during the Special General Meeting (SGM).

If you are based in Perth, please join us in person during the SGM on 22 Apr 2018 at 1pm in Dhammaloka. If you are unable to attend but would like to vote, please complete a proxy form and email secretary@bswa.og BEFORE 21 Apr 2018 1pm. In case you need a proxy but not sure who will be attending the meeting, please contact Lucky, Assistant Secretary at

Looking forward to seeing you during the SGM


With Metta

Lay Har Goh

Vice President, BSWA


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