The BSWA’s Broadcasting Management Group (BMG) are looking for a new volunteer to help coordinate the online teachings and act as a BMG convener.

The BMG is responsible for recording BSWA teachings and posting these onto YouTube, Podbean, our website and social media.

The BMG’s aim is to spread the teachings of the Buddha and the practice and realisation of Buddhist Principles to the general public, with a special emphasis on morality, meditation, wisdom and the Theravada tradition. The BMG establishes and maintains existing and new teaching and operational facilities to make available the teachings and practices of the Buddha to the general public. The BMG also runs the BSWA’s Online Communications Platforms.

Help us to continue this valuable work.

Contact Nicole on 0410 476 721 or


  • Duration is ongoing (at least a 12 month commitment).
  • No specific IT skills required, but you must be competent and comfortable on computers.
  • Have organisation skills.
  • Be a member of the Buddhist Society of WA (this can be arranged).
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