Please find date stamped updates regarding the Voice Referendum below:

Friday, 22 September 2023

The Indigenous Voice Referendum: A Buddhist Approach

VIDEO: Webinar with Bhante Sujato & Sakyadhita Australia on 14 September 2023

Photos from the Fremantle Yes Rally on 19 September:

Tuesday, 19 September 2023

Join Venerable Mettaji at the

Fremantle Yes Rally

Date: Tuesday, 19 September
4:45 PM
Walyalup Koort, Fremantle

Register here!

You’ll hear from Voice to Parliament leaders – Minister for Indigenous Australians, the Hon Linda Burney MP and Uluru Statement from the Heart signatory and Yes23 Spokesperson, Thomas Mayo.

Everyone is welcome. Feel free to share this invitation with anyone who may like to learn more about the Voice.

Friday, 15 September 2023
Footage of Venerable Mettaji’s speech at Wesley Uniting Church on Friday 8 September:


Link to AEC & The Social Policy Group’s free online referendum information sessions for multicultural communities

Delivered in English with an interpreter.

The online information sessions will discuss:

  • what the Constitution is
  • what a referendum is
  • how to participate in a referendum
  • how to enrol to vote (or update your information)
  • how to make your vote count
  • how the results of a referendum are decided

Monday, 11 September 2023
56 minute silent meditation with Ajahn Brahm at Dhammaloka

On Saturday 9 September, Ajahn Brahm left Bodhinyana Monastery for a rare appearance during Rains Retreat.  Accompanied by Ajahn Bodhidhaja and Venerable Mettaji, Ajahn Brahm led a silent 56 minute meditation in support of the YES vote in the upcoming Voice Referendum.  The full meditation can be viewed here: Meditation for the Voice Referendum


Wesley Uniting Church Opening day of National Multifaith Weekend of Prayer, Reflection and Meditation.

Photos of Venerable Mettaji and Venerable Chokyi among other faith leaders who made addresses in support of the YES campaign.


Friday, 8 September 2023

ABC News Video: Religious leaders around the country are calling to offer up prayers and reflections on the referendum

MEDIA RELEASE: National Multi-faith Coalition promote a National Weekend of Prayer, Reflection and Meditation on the Referendum

Tuesday, 5th September 2023

Ajahn Sujato ‘Voice Referendum’ Webinar with Sakyaditha

Voice Referendum – Language Resources

Friday, 1st September 2023

Ajahn Brahm @ Dhammaloka 9 Sept to Meditate in Support of the Voice Referendum

National Weekend of Prayer, Reflection and Meditation 8-10 September 2023


August 2023 and before…

VIDEO: Ajahn Brahm’s YES Statement for the Voice Referendum (August 2023)

DOCUMENT: Multi-faith open letter to Parliament on the Voice Referendum (February 2023)

VIDEO: Joint Resolution of Australian religious leaders in support of the Uluru Statement from the Heart (May 2022)



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