Rains Retreat Friday Night Guest Speaker Details (no live streaming):

Speaker: Venerable Hue Can

Talk title:

Venerable Hue Can is the Abbess of Sunyata Meditation Centre in Vic Park and has the very clear goal to teach others how to realize their full potential through Zen Buddhism. Venerable Hue Can had an interesting and diverse career as a teacher, Children’s Librarian and co-ordinator of the Ethnic Child Care Resource Unit. As an advocate for access and equity she have worked in the area of social welfare, particularly in the Vietnamese community in Western Australia. When the Most Venerable Master Thich Thanh Tu came to Perth in 1996 she was fortunate to attend his lecture ” Why am i a Buddhist”. She found out that Buddhism could give her five things that she had always been searching for – wisdom, altruism, freedom, equality and emancipation. She wanted to become his disciple and follow the path that he had illuminated. Her first ordination occurred in 1998.


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