Dear friends,

As the Wooroloo bushfire continues to burn near Dhammasara monastery, we have received a number of kind inquiries asking about the monastery and the safety of the nuns. We’re thankful to announce that nuns have evacuated and are all safe and well.

We currently do not have a first-hand update on the status of the monastery, but we have not been made aware of any damage to the monastery itself. As of the writing of this post (10:30 am 4th February 2021) the fire continues to burn north of the monastery according to Please refer to the emergency WA website and news announcements for updates on the fire and do not attempt to visit the monastery at this time.

As always, if you are near the bushfire, please follow safety instructions from emergency officials.

Update as of 12:03pm 5/2/2021: the bushfire has been downgraded to “Watch and Act”. The Nuns’ evacuation plans still hold that they will remain at the evacuation centre, and plan only to return once it is reopened for residents to return.

Update as of 9/2/2021: Dhammasara is open again! Please see





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