A thank you for the gift cards … Please read this letter we have just received.

28th Dec 2016

To: The Armadale Meditation Group

From: Starick Services

On behalf of the clients and staff at Starick Services I would like to thank you all for your ongoing support, donations and generosity throughout the year and especially at Christmas.

The Christmas period can be a upsetting, stressful and traumatic for the families in our centre. We try to make the holiday special and spoil our clients. Your generous donations of the gift cards have enabled the clients to have the best Christmas ever. Each woman and child in our service received a gift card.

The clients absolutely loved the gift cards and it was a pleasure to see the joy and surprise on their faces. They all were as happy and excited as for most this is the first time they can go and buy themselves something special that they have picked out and bought themselves. It gave them the sense of independence and freedom to get whatever they want.

Due to confidentially were unable to take any photos of the clients receiving their gift cards but want you to know that all the women and children were so happy and appreciative of the generosity of your group.

For the last 2 years this is the gift that the women and children enjoy and look forward to the most.

We have had women and children come up to staff to ask if it is real that the card is really theirs to spend on what they want.

Several women approached staff visibly crying as they cannot believe the generosity of strangers and wanted to pass on to you that they are so thankful, especially for their children to see the happiness for the first time in a long time on their faces has made their Christmas special. They said that their children have been so much, seen so much and they are so grateful and thankful to see them happy.

We wish to thank you so much, words cannot describe how these cards, your support and donations are vital and important to our clients. We look forward to your ongoing generosity and support for years to come.

Danita Walter

Assistant Manager

Starick House


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