A THANK YOU MESSAGE FROM DANITA (Manager of Starick House Women’s Refuge)

This Thank you card was sent to Marlene and the Armadale Meditation Group with this message:

“To all who donated the Gift vouchers, to Armadale Meditation Group, and special thanks to Marlene who helps coordinate and organise this each Christmas.

We are so thankful for your generous hearts, your kindness and your thoughtfulness. On behalf, and from all the women and children who are so very grateful and staff from Starick. These Gift vouchers/gift cards are given to every woman and child in the service. This year was absolutely amazing. More than ever, to give everyone, every soul in our service.

These families have come to us with nothing. having to leave belongings behind. Sometimes they have never been given the opportunity to go shopping and buy something just for them. With your donations and generosity they are able to do just that.

Thank you!”

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