Every year, the monastic community (Monks and nuns) go on a three month retreat called the “Rains Retreat” from mid July to mid October. During this period, they do not visit our centres for teachings as it’s a time for deepening their own practice.

While the monks and nuns are away, we will have some interesting guest speakers coming in to give the Friday Night talk.

Guest Speaker – Matt Gibson

Matt, whom many people know as Mindful Matt, is an unordained Theravadan Buddhist practitioner and meditation teacher with over 12 years of intensive practice experience. He teaches people how to use meditation to manage chronic illness and physical pain as well as the traditional methods of meditation to help others learn about themselves and find some peace. His talk will be centred upon using the body and the mind to find joy in the only time we can really be here to experience it- in the present moment!

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