Ajahn Cittapalo asks us to be grateful of the time we have to simply meditate. We live such busy lives that often to have these small moments is difficult. So to appreciate such moments for the opportunity they are, gives us the initial thought to base our meditation on. Let go of the controller and simply watch what comes our way, then let it go. Be it sound, smell or body feelings. See the thought arise, don’t engage and let it pass. Time to rest.

Ajahn and the group then meditated for thirty minutes in silence. So, this meditation is best suited to an experienced meditators.

After meditation Ajahn reminded us that when we are suffering with physical pains that it really isn’t a good idea to remain in a fixed posture. It is our body and we are allowed to stand, walk and move about. Forcing ourselves to remain stationary during meditation doesn’t help when there is pain. Stand, walk around, be comfortable. Meditation is a time to rest, not add another burden to our lives.

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