Venerable Cunda encouraged us to “give ourselves a break”. We carry the responsibilities in our daily lives very heavily, from new parents to business, and it affects both our physical and mental health. Our life styles come with a cost. From rushing around in our cars to trying to relax, we over do it all. We need to give ourselves a break. Relax, let it all go and just live in this moment. Leave the past where it is and not focus on a possible future that may never happen.

Venerable Cunda led the group through a very relaxing body scan and breath meditation well suited to both beginners and experienced alike.

After meditation Venerable talked on the benefits of meditation. After we meditate we are more relaxed, more calm and physically relaxed. Venerable then opened to Q&A.

Teachings are available for downloading from the BSWA Podcast and Deeper Dhamma Podcast. Videos can be viewed on the BSWA Youtube

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