Ajahn Sunyo discusses two Itivuttaka suttas from the Khuddaka Nikaya: Iti 43: Ajata Sutta (The Not-born) and Iti 44: Nibbānadhātu Sutta (The Nibbana-element). Khuddaka Nikaya is a collection of 15 small books, one of them being Itivuttaka. 

Sutta link mentioned by Venerable Sunyo: https://www.docdroid.net/thE29jY/sutta.pdf

PDF document: Some_Suttas_on_Nibbana_Venerable_Sunyo

Itivuttaka 43: Ajata Sutta (The Not-born)


Itivuttaka 44: Nibbānadhātu Sutta (The Nibbana-element)


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