This is a talk about how to use your mind efficiently so as to have more brainpower and to be successful with a smile on your face.

According to Ajahn Brahm, stress is caused by having ‘excessive stuff’ in your mind, having ‘no break’ in the stressful time, and the fear of failure in any future undertakings.

However, stress can be avoided by ‘freeing up’ our mind space by letting go of the past asap, recognising the need to let go and taking a break, trusting that this ‘rest’ is worth it in otherwise stressful circumstances, and adopting a positive attitude by ‘just doing’ and not ‘doing excessive thinking’ and accepting any failure as a learning experience from which to grow.

Learning how to de stress is very important. Ajahn Brahm sums up his talk by telling a story of a professor and an old sailor that illustrates what is instrumental to survival in this stressful modern world.

Teachings are available for downloading from the BSWA Youtube Channel, the BSWA Podcast, and Deeper Dhamma Podcast.

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