Ajahn Cittapalo asks us to consider the Metta Sutta and it’s wording. Ajahn reminds us that the Metta Sutta is something to aspire to. How-ever, when we meditate we should focus our attention on just one person, ourselves. Make number one happy, then more often than not, those around us will be happy too. Ajahn reminds us that we should put our own mind first in meditation. If we are calm and happy, it will be easier, more pleasant to wish others well.

Ajahn then guided the group in meditation well suited to beginners and experienced alike and a pleasure to do. Ajahn asks us to be kind to ourselves first before considering others. To simply allow thoughts to come, to go and not apply any pressure to our mind. Just let it progress.

After the meditation, Ajahn continued his talk on the Metta Sutta asking us to bare in mind that it is a translation, not a set of instructions.
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