Ajahn Braham discusses three Suttas: SN41.8 Nigantha Nataputta Sutta, SN12.68 Kosambi Sutta and SN12.70 Susima Sutta.

SN41.8 Nigantha Nataputta Sutta:

“The Jain leader Mahāvīra, known as Nigaṇṭha Nātaputa in the Buddhist tradition, is visited by Citta. Mahāvīra asks him whether he believes in a certain state of immersion. When Citta replies that he doesn’t go by faith in the Buddha on this point, Mahāvīra is delighted. But it turns out Citta doesn’t need faith, as he experiences such a state for himself.”

SN12.68 Kosambi Sutta:

“Venerable Saviṭṭha questions Venerable Musīla about his attainments, and concludes he is an arahant. But Venerable Nārada offers an explanation showing that it is possible to see the Dhamma without having fully realized arahantship.”

SN12.70 Susima Sutta on Sutta:

The wanderer Susı̄ma fraudulently enters the Sangha so that the wanderers can learn the secret to the Buddha’s fame and success. Hearing that some mendicants claimed to be perfected, Susīma approaches and asks them if they have developed psychic powers or the formless states, to which they say no. Perplexed, he asks the Buddha, who explains that awakening follows insight into the principles of impermanence and causality. Eventually Susı̄ma confesses his misdeed.

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