An Overview (part 1 of 5):

Bhante Bodhidhaja gives a Dhamma talk from Newbury Buddhist monastery regarding an introduction to sila (ethical behaviour e.g. the five precepts), covering habit, protection and kamma. Bhante also quotes the following suttas in the talk:


The First Precept – No Killing or Destroying Life (part 2 of 5):
In this Dhamma talk, Bhante quotes several suttas & explains the first precept – no killing, or destroying life. Precepts are gifts. For example, if we give up killing, we give others the freedom from fear, enmity and ill will.


The Second Precept – No Stealing/ taking what is not freely given (part 3 of 5):
Bhante Bodhidhaja gives a talk about the second precept – don’t take what’s not given. This can start from not stealing and be expanded to respecting properties and boundaries of others, laws, rules and time.

Bhante also discusses these suttas:


The Third Precept – No Sexual Misconduct (part 4 of 5):

Bhante Bodhidhaja gives a Dhamma talk about the third precept in his Sila Series – no sexual misconduct. Bhante covers the following suttas in this talk:


The Fourth and Fifth Precepts – No Lying and No Intoxicants that Cloud the Mind (part 5 of 5):
Bhante Bodhidhaja gives a Dhamma talk about the fourth and fifth precepts – no lying and no intoxicants that cloud the mind. This is the final talk of the sila series given by Bhante Bodhidhaja.

Teaching given from Newbury Buddhist Monastery, Victoria, Australia ( – Buddhist Society of Victoria (BSV). Please visit the BSV Podcast Channel and BSV YouTube Channel

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