Saddhā, or confidence, is one of the five spiritual faculties in Buddhist teaching. Confidence is different from blind faith. Confidence is the force inside of you that pushes you along the spiritual path.

The first aspect of Buddhist confidence is gained through making observations and inferences about a person over a period of time.  A person who has extraordinarily inspiring and infusing attributes. These attributes arouse interest in the person’s teaching, leading to confidence both in the person and in their teachings.

The second aspect is the confidence in the ancient Buddhist heritage, the Sutta. With the right kind of confidence, reading the Sutta and reflecting on Buddha’s teachings brings much joy and inspiration. These feelings are instrumental to developing mindfulness and deep meditation. The path to Buddhist spirituality then becomes clear

Ajahn Brahmali encourages us to take responsibility for our spiritual life and to place confidence in both the living tradition and the ancient heritage.

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