From Ajahn Brahm’s public talk at the University of Toronto, posted on Urban Buddhist Monk Youtube channel. First few mins are a biographical intro of Ajahn Brahm.

Some highlights from Ajahn’s talk:
1. It’s useful to apply Buddhist teachings to life, so that one can take it further so that everyone can be happy.
2. Ajahn shared an important story on Compassion in “Opening the Door of Your Heart/Who Ordered the Truckload of Dung?”, about seven monks meditation in the jungle about Compassion, involving a head monk and a bunch of robbers.
3. Ajahn talked about the importance of being kind to oneself, and forgive oneself in the way that one is kind or forgives others. Ajahn pointed out one often thinks one is “not good enough”, and we are very critical and fault-finding with ourselves. Ajahn talked about how to be good enough.

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