Venerable Cunda used his own life as an example of our habit of overloading ourselves with stress. Business, home life or in our working lives, we tend to allow the stress to build up and then overload. We need to find a time in our daily lives to peacefully meditate, leaving the stress behind.

Venerable Cunda leads the group through a peaceful meditation starting with a body scan. The meditation then progresses to the breath with long peaceful silences. The simple but relaxing meditation is well suited to both beginners and experienced alike.

After meditation Venerable expanded on the benefits of meditation – we are more relaxed, more calm and physically relaxed when we meditate. Venerable then opened to Q&A.

Audio teachings are available to download from our BSWA Podcast (Dharma talks and guided meditations) and BSWA Deeper Dhamma Podcast (retreats and suttas). Videos can be viewed on our BSWA Youtube Channel and YouTube playlists.

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