The first session back after the end of year break and tonight we were attended by Ajahn Appichato, best known as Ajahn Appi. Ajahn started by describing several of the simpler methods of meditation such as using objects or a point of focus. Ajahn’s favoured object is the blackness that we encounter when we close our eyes to meditate. It should be noted though that for some of us it will be white, like a light. In either case, it can be an interesting object to focus the mind on. This effectively shuts out the rest of our senses and allows our mind to slow down. For the beginners Ajahn also talked briefly on our breath and breathing as a focus object.

Ajahn then led the group through meditation with changes of focus from the blackness or white light, to breath and breathing meditation. An easy meditation for beginners and an interesting meditation for the more experienced meditator.

After meditation the room was so quiet and relaxed that you could easily have heard a pin hit the floor, and it’s carpet.

Ajahn then opened to questions before giving a talk on resolution.

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