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A new free-for-distribution book as a tribute to Ajahn and his wonderful teachings to celebrate his 70th birthday, titled “Opening up to Kindfulness” was published online by Wisdom and Wonders.

Opening up to Kindfulness, a collection of edited transcript of public talks given by Ajahn Brahm in Western Australia and Malaysia. This book covers the basic of Buddhism as well as practical approaches to life’s issues.

Excerpt from the foreword by Ajahn Brahmali:
“The word kindfulness combines a deep appreciation of the working of the Dharma with a playful imagination, both of which are hallmarks of Ajahn Brahm’s approach to Buddhism. Through profound understanding and light-hearted delivery, he imparts these life- changing teachings in an attractive manner to the world at large. Fun and wisdom, wisdom and fun. They always go together. And they are beautifully encapsulated in that innovative word: Kindfulness.”


This book can be downloaded in PDF, ePUB or Kindle format.
Please click HERE, at the site, click Download to select the format.



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