Ajahn Brahm arrived at Club Med early to the surprise and delight of us all.

Ajahn then explained to us that using nature, specifically a place of peace and beauty, helps us to shift our focus, relax both body and mind. The problems we face day to day don’t seem quite as extreme when we face them relaxed.

Ajahn then related his recollection of the fires that destroyed Bodhinyana Monastery in the 1990’s. Being Buddhist as he is, Ajahn realises that nothing is really permanent. So being upset and distraught about the monastery being destroyed would only affect him in a personal way. It wouldn’t bring the monastery back nor rebuild it. Ajahn asks us to consider and realise that meditation can help us be content and easily satisfied.

Ajahn then guided the group through a body scan, within our own minds silently asking each area of our body, how it feels. When our bodies are “relaxed to the max”, it is much easier to relax the mind. Ajahn then moved us toward noticing our breathing, not controlling, just noticing. This meditation is well suited to beginners and experienced meditators alike.

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