Ajahn Jhanarato commenced the evening by reciting one of the Buddha’s early sutta regarding Metta “Suttacentral”. Ajahn did this to encourage us to commence our meditation from the present moment and with Metta in-mind. By doing this we leave the past where it belongs, in the past and the future does take our attention away from the present moment.

Ajahn doesn’t use mantras in his meditation, but rather just focuses on present moment awareness. Though he does acknowledge that for many of us, the use of a mantra is helpful. Ajahn then lead the group in a thirty minute meditation well suited to beginners and experienced a like.

After meditation Ajahn opened to Q&A before reciting another of Buddha’s early sutta’s “Suttacentral” in response to a question.

Ajahn Jhanarato and Ajahn Santutthi have moved locations, to find out more visit the Stocker Road Project.

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