Bhante Bodhidhaja surprised us tonight by bringing a laptop computer, a projector, speakers and a well made presentation on meditation. Before becoming a Buddhist Monk, Bhante was a school teacher and continues to teach, but not ABC nor 123. Instead he employees his skills and training to teach Buddhist Meditation.

Bhante began his presentation by explaining that though the monks when teaching may seem to repeat previous instructions, if we look a little closer we find subtle variations. This is done because what suits one, may not suit another. With this firmly in-mind, Bhante began his presentation and it came as no surprise to all that no-one had previously been taught meditation this way. Bhante through his presentation explained what happens within our mind when we are triggered into a fight or flight mode. Bhante used humour often to make the point.

Bhante then guided the group in a thirty minute meditation first focusing on completely relaxing the body, then the mind. This meditation is well suited to beginners and experienced alike.

After meditation Bhante continued his presentation with a slight shift in topic to Metta. A subject appropriate given in the western world, Valentines day was so recent. Bhante also referenced and recommended we listen to a podcast on ABC Radio National that is right on topic called “All In The Mind” (27:40-30:20 – The Power of Trust).  In addition Bhante recommends we view and read the following.  The first one is to a poem written by Bhante some years ago titled “Love Means Letting Go“.  The second are quotes from Ayya Khema on the topic of love.  Bhante then opened to Q&A.

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