November 2019. Monday Night Meditation at Wat Dhammayanaram.

Ajahn JR asks us to leave behind the days baggage and simply enjoy the meditation as a time to relax. We humans tend to hang onto everything, just let it go and relax. Ajahn also suggests that watching the current news before meditation is not going to help. Turn off the phone, the TV and anything else that may intrude and just meditate.

Ajahn lead the group in a 30 minute body scan meditation well suited to beginners and experienced a like.

After meditation Ajahn opened to Q&A.

Recorded at Dhammayanaram Monastery, home of the Cambodian Buddhist Society of WA. Please support the CBSWA in making teachings available for free online here.

Teachings are available for downloading from the CBSWA website.

Visit the BSWA Stocker Road Project.

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