Venerable Bodhidhaja doesn’t get to Club Med often, certainly not as often as we’d like. How-ever, when he does it’s always to an audience that greatly appreciates the session.

Venerable commenced with an explanation with comparisons, of the Four Noble Truths. Rather than quote the sutta, Venerable termed them in a manor more easily understood by us all and relating to our meditation practice. The focus of his talk is in letting go during meditation, something we all struggle with to one degree or another.

After the introduction Venerable lead the group in meditation for slightly longer than usual and in a method not seen by the majority of us. Venerable asked us to imagine that we were slowly filling with warm, comforting water. Commencing with our feet and working slowly to the top of our heads. An interesting meditation that was thoroughly enjoyed by all and suitable for beginners and experienced alike.

After meditation Venerable talked on gratitude, a subject well needed at this time of year and very much a part of a monks life. Venerable suggested the following to assist us;

Reflecting on the good during every long trip [commuting to work].
Gratitude countdown from 10 to 0 or ABC.
A gratitude jar or journal
Acknowledgement [in conversation, sms or e-mail] Reflecting with gratitude before bed, upon waking and when commuting.

As is usual with Venerable he included references that are on-line and open to all of us;

In A Nutshell [Kurzgesagt] – An antidote to dissatisfaction.

A Grateful Day – Brother David Steindl-Rast.

The Virtue Project

Share Tree App & Character Cards

Venerable then opened to Q&A.

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