Wednesday night meditation at Dhammaloka City Centre with Dennis Sheppard (President of the Buddhist Society of WA), on the 20th January 2021. The focus of the class is on listening to oneself, with an opportunity for visitors and online listeners to chat with our Care Group members during and after the class. This ongoing guided meditation class is suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators.

The video includes chanting for a Hugh Sykes (a long time member of the Buddhist Society of WA) who passed away on the same day as this class (21st January 2021).

The topic for this guided meditation is: Introduction to Care Group, listening to others & listening to yourself and finding the Still Consciousness Datum.

Our Care Group members can be reached at +61 8 6270 4671, or through WhatsApp on +61 493 056 327 during the operating hours listed on here.

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