Ajahn Brahm gives us the means to practise the art which we call meditation. During these four ‘Introduction to Meditation’ sessions Ajahn expands on the different types of meditation, their purpose and the way to practise them.

Part 1 – Ajahn Brahm begins by teaching us to meditate on the breath which he says is used to carry people into very relaxed, peaceful and clear states of mind, and is a very old type of meditation used by the Buddha himself.


Part 2 –In this session Ajahn Brahm talks about some of the difficulties you might encounter in mediation, such as the wandering mind. We apologise for the quality of this audio.

Part 3 – Ajahn Brahm shares experiences of the benefits of meditation and explains how to let go of our problems and past and future. We apologise for the quality of this audio. Ajahn continues to talk about how to calm the mind and reduce stress.


Part 4 – Ajahn Brahm shares the story of his teacher Ajahn Chah’s answers to the four questions: What is meditation? How do you meditate? Why do you meditate? And what do you get out of meditation? Ajahn Brahm talks about training the mind to become clear and penetrating so that you can understand yourself and your world, which is called insight meditation.

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