Introduction to Buddhism Q&A Series for New Buddhists, kindly conducted by lay Buddhist Geetha Mendis.

Session 1: The Three Refuges (05-09-2020)

PDF of notes for The Three Refuges – Q&A Sept 2020


Session 2: The Five Precepts (12-09-2020) – we apologise this was recorded without sound, so can’t be published.

PDF of notes for The Five Precepts Q&A Sept 2020


Session 3: The Four Noble Truths (19-09-2020)

PDF of notes for The Four Noble Truths – Q&A Sept 2020


Session 4: The Noble Eightfold Path (09-10-2020)

This fourth class was given on the 26-09-2020, but the audio failed, so it was given again on the 09-10-2020.

PDF of notes for The Noble Eight Fold Path – Q&A Sept 2020


Teachings held at Dhammaloka Buddhist Centre, Perth, WA, Saturday on the dates above from 2:00-2:45. All are welcome.

To download the audio, click on the audio track’s title to open it up in Podbean.

Audio teachings are available to download from our BSWA Podcast Channel (Dharma talks and guided meditations) and BSWA DeeperDhamma Podbean Channel (retreats and suttas). Videos can be viewed on our BSWA Youtube Channel and YouTube Playlists. Books and articles are available on our website here.

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