An online Dhamma discussion with Ajahn Brahmali and Venerable Karunika facilitated by Piotr Planeta from Portal Sasana –

Piotr Płaneta or Upāsaka Sunyanando is a lay follower on 5 precepts, basing his practice on Early Buddhist Texts and teachings of Ajahn Brahm, Ajahn Sona and Upāsikā Viveka. He is a P.hD student finishing his thesis on “Cognitive and Functional Aspects of Meditation in Theravada Buddhism”. He’s a lay dhamma and meditation teacher and organiser of retreats and various dhamma events, both with monastics and his own. Right now he’s mostly focused on connecting Poland with Buddhist Society of Western Australia and tradition of Ajahn Brahm, organising many events with renunciates related to this project. Together with his kalyana-mittas, he’s trying to establish the first Theravada Buddhist Monastery in Poland.

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