This video shows an ordination ceremony at Dhammaloka Buddhist Centre. In this tradition of Theravada Buddhism an aspirant for ordination – in this case Simon – will go to Bodhinyana Monastery, shave their head and take Eight Precepts. Thenceforth they spend about a year as an anagarika (homeless one) wearing white and assisting the monks whilst also learning the basics of the monastic life. At the end of that year they can choose to take the Going Forth (Pabbaja) as a novice monk (samanera) and in this ceremony they will take Ten Precepts as their monastic vows. After a year as a novice they will have the opportunity take the Higher Ordination (Upasampada) which will occur within consecrated sima stones at the monastery itself.

In this ceremony Ajahn Brahm is the Preceptor and explains the ceremony as they go along through each stage of Simon’s transition from white into the brown robes of a novice monk.

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