Rains has ended for 2018 and Ajahn graced us with his presence. The evening started with laughter and much fussing about with a new microphone. Ajahn, in his singular style, was able to find humour and fun even in this. Needless to say this set the tone for rest of evening. Prior to the Metta-Sutta Ajahn again set the mood by telling a joke. Ajahn rationalised this by telling us that there is enough misery in our lives today without adding more. By using humour we add energy to our lives.

Ajahn expanded on this by telling us to give 100% to everything we do. It doesn’t matter how you meditate, as long as you give it 100%. This is not to say we should concentrate so much that we strain something. 100% in meditation is quite the opposite of what we normally would think or feel. 100% in meditation is being here in the present moment, not reliving the past or worrying about the future, just “relax to the max”, here and now in the present moment.

Having made us all laugh and relax, Ajahn then led us in a 30 minute guided meditation commencing with a body sweep. The meditation is well suited to beginners and experienced alike.

After meditation, Ajahn continued to instruct us using humour, jokes, funny stories and common sense.

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