When it’s done it’s finished. Meditation allows us to leave the things that have happened in our busy lives and be peaceful, be calm. Forget about what’s happened before and just be in this moment. Sit down, close your eyes and relax. Many of us don’t give ourselves that opportunity to let it all go. We wake in the morning full of beans and by the end of the day we are mentally tired. We need to train our minds to let the day go. Meditation allows us to do this.

Ajahn guided us in a thirty minute meditation well suited to people learning to meditate.

After the meditation Ajahn related a story about the growth of a fire tree at Bodhinyana Monastery. He had watched the tree grow for many years and wondered why, given the care it received, that it hadn’t seemed to grow. Ajahn continued his training in Wat Buddha Dhamma Buddhist Monastery in Wisemans Ferry, New South Wales for five years. On returning to Bodhinyana Monastery, he was quietly walking past the fire tree and wondered how it was faring. He was surprised to find that it was now an enormous mature tree. Just as Ajahn didn’t notice the slight growth of the fire tree, when we begin to meditate, we often don’t see or rather, notice any progress. Each time we meditate, be it for five minutes a day or half an hour each week, we are retraining our minds and this has a cumulative effect. One day we will sit down and realise that we can let it all go just as easily as sitting down.

Teachings are available for downloading from the BSWA Podcast and Deeper Dhamma Podcast. Videos can be viewed on the BSWA Youtube

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