Ajahn Santutthi began the evening by asking us to use our free time during the day to meditate. Rather than social media or other activities. Ajahn suggests that rather than using our free time to do social media, we meditate and focus inward. If we focus our energy inward rather than outward we soon learn to cultivate the peace and quiet that is there for all of us. Leaving the world behind and turning inward, even for a short time, will allow us to become outwardly peaceful and quiet.

Ajahn then guided us in meditation asking us to get away from life by turning inward and watching our inner world rather than focusing on external things. When thoughts arise that seem to want to distract us from peace and stillness, just let them go. Watch them rather than engaging with them. Ajahn also asks us to look for the reward in our practice, the peace, the stillness. Over time this will increase. So rather than spending money to escape the world, we can turn inwards to find peace and stillness.

After meditation Ajahn touches briefly on the hindrances that plague most of us when we first begin to meditate. Ajahn then opened to questions before continuing to talk on meditation in general.

After the meditation Ajahn reminds us to not make our meditation another burden or task. We have enough on our plates already.

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