This teaching is part of a special 7-day online retreat called “Emboldening the Mind with Fizz & Sparkle,” with Ajahn Brahm and Ven Candā, in support of Anukampa Bhikkhuni Project.

Ven Candā: Day 3 Evening Talk “Energy & Dedication” Meditation and Q&A 08.12.21

In this evening talking on the third day of the retreat, Venerable Candā shares with us ways of rousing energy, or viriya in Pāli. By learning what causes energy to arise in one’s practice, we can focus on these aspects to give rise to it thereby overcoming hindrances such as sloth and torpor/tiredness or ill will. Venerable also leads a meditation on mettā, loving kindess and takes questions from the retreat participants.

In this retreat, the teachers show how we can nurture happiness and a love of peace so that inner tranquillity blossoms easily, like a fragrant lotus of luminous beauty. Inspiration flows from within and emboldens courage in the mind, enabling us to live with authenticity, and to gradually let go and perceive the liberating Dhamma (Truth) as The Buddha timelessly taught.
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Ajahn Brahm is the Spiritual Adviser of Anukampa Bhikkhuni Project: and

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