Bear Awareness – Questions and Answers on taming your wild mind with Venerable Mettaji.

Page references:
Teddy Bears @8.00 minutes – pages 26/27 and 88.
Metta @9.29 minutes – pages 1 to 6.
Cancer recovery story @ 23.30 minutes – page 73.
Posture and pain @ 27.43 minutes – page 11.
Reducing Thinking @30.46 minutes – pages 19, 85 and 135.
Going “in” , not progress @ 33.00 minutes pages 37/38.
Don’t want anything (Let GO) @ 34.00 minutes pages 30/31.
Judging others @35.17 minutes – pages 88/89.
Clarity of mind @ 39.00 minutes – pages 119/120.
Summary of the chapters starts @ 42.00 minutes.

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