Ajahn Vayama talks about coming to terms with our shadow; that is our unacknowledged and unexpressed fears, hopes, dreams, disappointments, wishes, desires or envy. Ajahn explains how we don’t like to see this and so we avoid it by distracting ourselves in things that make us feel good. Ajahn describes how through meditation though we start to bring the shadow aspects of our life into our conscious awareness and when this happens, we can see things in our mind we don’t like. When this happens we should not feel that our meditation is failing, but actually we should be happy that now we are going to a deeper level. Ajahn explains how to deal with this experience through building up the mind and heart with peace, loving kindness, generosity and wisdom i.e. an understanding of non-self, right intention and letting go.

We apologise for the quality of this audio, this Buddha Dhamma talk was given in 1999.

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