The last week of Rains has arrived. The monks will be with us again next week but we have one more guest speaker before then – Barry Gaskin. Barry has been an attendee at the Armadale group for almost 20 years. He has traveled much of South East Asia in his working career – Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Barry will give the background to his strange introduction to Meditation and Buddhism. He will explain his observations as a Westerner living in Buddhist countries, his beliefs of Pre-Birth through to Post Death, how lucky we are and also how meditation can impact on happiness. Meditation is always taught “how to do” but he wants to explain “when to do” as a way of life, with difference and ease.

Barry then lead the group in a 30 minute meditation easily enjoyed by experienced and beginners alike. Barry began with a relaxing body scan, asking us to open our hearts to self-compassion and finishing with a difference.

After meditation Barry continued his talk on Buddhism in both the West and the East.

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