Ajahn tells us that change is inevitable in all things, in all matters. Meditation helps us learn how to deal with the changes in our lives, our
circumstances and ourselves. Such change is not always to our liking or such that we can prevent. Change happens. Deal with it. Rather than
become angry, distressed or sad, we meditate and deal with it in a calm rational fashion.

We had no new meditators on this occasion so rather than a full guided 30 minute meditation, Ajahn and the fifty odd people in attendance simply focused on a breath meditation with occasional guidance from Ajahn. The experienced meditators amongst the group were encouraged to do their own thing.

After meditation Ajahn opened to, and answered well, a number of questions very relevant to meditation.

Teachings are available for downloading from the BSWA Podcast and Deeper Dhamma Podcast. Videos can be viewed on the BSWA Youtube

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