Past Presidents and long-term members came together to reflect on 50 years of BSWA. We shared happy memories of the various turning points that made the Society what it is today. We remembered it’s small beginnings end explored what makes it thrive, we talked about challenges and our hopes for the future. It was a wonderful insight into how a multicultural community comes together in peace and kindness. This starts from 38:35 minutes after the guided meditation.

From the far left to the right:
Drew Bellamy, Dennis Sheppard, Sanath de Tissera, Malkanthi de Tissera, Sandra Henville, Binh Anson, Ananda Thilakasiri and Vivara Kunabutr

Every year, the monastic community (Monks and nuns) go on a three month retreat called the “Rains Retreat” from mid July to mid October. During this period, they do not visit our centres for teachings as it’s a time for deepening their own practice.
While the monks and nuns are away, we will have some interesting guest speakers coming in to give the Friday Night talk.

TURNING POINTS 2023 (Rains Retreat Speakers’ Series 2023). Hear stories of everyday dhamma as told by monastics and lay practitioners from various Buddhist traditions.

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