Our first Monk of the year 2020 was Venerable Cunda. Venerable has been living in Victoria for just over a year now helping to establish the Buddhist Society of Victoria Monastery at Newbury. As we all do, we work hard and then search for ways to unwind, clear our minds and just relax. Venerable encourages us to firstly relax our bodies as much as we are able, this will allow us to relax our mind.

Venerable lead the group in a longer than usual meditation commencing with a body sweep and moving gently to our breathing. Throughout the meditation Venerable asks us to use our bodies as an anchor, so that when random thoughts arise, we can return to the moment. This meditation is well suited to both experienced and new meditators alike.

After meditation, Venerable described his early meditation experience and difficulties to help us understand that we don’t need to make it hard work. Venerable then opened to questions before continuing his talk about Newbury.

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