Bhante Sujato has been absent from Australia for 2 1/2 years, so when he arrived at Armadale Meditation Group (AMG) on Tuesday everyone was interested to know where he’d been and what he’d been doing. Therefore, this session is quite different to our normal AMG evenings. Bhante gladly started the evening by recounting his time spent on a tiny island in the South China seas just off the coast of Taiwan for 2 1/2 years, translating the Buddha’s texts into plain English.

To see and read the good work being done by Bhante Sujato and his team, please visit Sutta Central.

Bhante, having spoken very little during his time away, started to lose his voice early in the evening and so the meditation, rather than the usual guided meditation, was a silent one. With the majority of us, on the night, well practised, this was a chance for us to do, as a group, our own favourite meditations. Some prefer breath meditation while others prefer metta meditation. It made for a very pleasant meditation greatly appreciated by all.

After the meditation Bhante opened to questions relating to meditation and gave us a talk on the five hindrances that the Buddha detailed in the very early suttas. Very sadly all too soon we ran out of time. We would all have happily stayed for several more hours. One doubts whether Bhante’s voice would have held out that long though. Especially when we consider that since returning to Australia, he has had to speak a great deal. Bhante was recently on ABC Radio National, to listen to or download his interview, please click here.

An excellent evening with Bhante Sujato appreciated by all and one we hope Bhante will be willing and able to to repeat soon.

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