This talk is dedicated to Ajahn Brahm’s mother, Mrs Hazel Betts, who passed away on 16 February 2012.

It is a profound talk about cosmic spirituality, explaining how the nature of this universe and how the nature of the mind, as Buddhists understand it, work seamlessly together.

According to Ajahn Brahm, looking out through the telescope we see the vastness of the universe, but (metaphorically speaking); looking down the telescope in the opposite way, we see the mind. The mind is the larger of the two.

By all accounts, proven scientifically, the mind is the initiator of everything that we think and do. So it is not the will, but the mind that gives the order, that initiates the processes of all our actions.

Knowing that, Ajahn Brahm challenges us to let our mind do a big bang explosion and see where it leads us. He encourages us to have limitless imagination.  As Einstein famously put it, “imagination is more important than learning”.

Teachings are available for downloading from the BSWA Youtube Channel, the BSWA Podcast, and Deeper Dhamma Podcast.

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