Bhante Sangharatana began the evening by taking the first three steps from Ajahn Brahm’s book, “Meditation for Beginners”. Bhante then lightly detailed each of the three steps with a brief and easy to follow instruction.

Present moment awareness is the first step. Leaving the past where it belongs, in the past, not thinking of the future because it will probably not happen anyway and so just being in this moment, here and now. Bhante then went on to give examples of the next two steps that we will take as we progress in our practice.

Bhante then led us in 3 ten minute meditations. The first one being present moment awareness, no thoughts of the past or the future. The second one being no thought (if we are able). This means that when thoughts arise, we try not to engage with them. Just let them come and let them go, trying to focus on the blank area between thoughts. The third is our traditional meditation where we focus, as best we can, on our breath. We do this by many different methods, some will focus on the sensation caused by the air moving into the nose. Some will focus on the air as it fills their lungs. Don’t be afraid to try different methods, find one that best suits you.

After the meditation, Bhante opened to Q&A and used a simile for our Do-er and Know-er.

Audio teachings are available to download from our BSWA Podcast (Dharma talks and guided meditations) and BSWA Deeper Dhamma Podcast (retreats and suttas). Videos can be viewed on our BSWA Youtube Channel and YouTube playlists.

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