Title: Ven Candā: Sutta Discussion Group 40 “Attending On The Sick” 14.04.23

Ven Candā leads the Sutta discussion from the book “The Buddha’s teachings on Social and Communal Harmony” (pg 120-122) by Bhikkhu Bodhi, on the theme “attending on the sick”. The Buddha teaches the 5 qualities of a carer, competent to care for a patient, and the 5 qualities of a patient who is easy to care for. Participants share their experiences on attending to patients, being a long-term patient themselves and also attending to sick animals. Ven Upekkhā shares a wonderful analogy where treating your own mind as a patient can be very skillful. The medical requirements, if any, for ordaining as a Bhikkhuni are also addressed. The latter part of the discussion is on inclusivity under the theme “cast is irrelevant” where the Buddha preaches that anyone can realize the highest goal irrespective of their cast or clan.

Title: Ayya Anandabodhi & Vens Upekkhā & Candā: Sutta Group 43 “Why Do Beings Live In Hate? “05.05.23

Based on Bhikkhu Bodhi’s “The Buddha’s Teachings on Social and Communal Harmony”, an anthology of discourses from the Pali Canon, this sutta discussion is on the theme of “Disputes” (pg 131). Ayya Anandabodhi joins Venerables Canda and Upekkha in guiding the discussion on “Why do beings live in hate?” (DN 21). In this Sutta, Sakka, the ruler of the devas asks the Buddha a series of questions on what leads to hate and enmity, for which the Buddha then teaches the causal sequence. Participants share wise reflections on elaborated perceptions and notions (Papañcasaññāsaṅkhā) that lead to thinking which then, as taught by the Buddha and experienced by the participants, inevitably leads to dispute.

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