Part of the “At Peace with Experience New Year Retreat” for Sheffield Insight: 29th December Evening Dhamma talk and guided meditation

Venerable Canda begins with a recap on Mindfulness of the Body—the first of the 4 mindfulness meditations—before moving onto Mindfulness of Breathing, with practical guidance on how the Buddha outlined this in the texts. Breath meditation can lead to deep insight through tranquillity—the Jhanas—so that the mind is unbiased and free from the hindrances which stop it from seeing clearly. Venerable emphasises the importance of building a solid foundation for breath meditation by simplifying our lives as much as we can, and living virtuously. When meditating, it is also helpful to develop attitudes towards our breath which are kind, non-controlling, and contented. This way, we don’t have to chase after the breath—naturally the breath will be “invited” into our meditation, where it can become very joyful.

Guided meditation from 38.24

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