Part of the “At Peace with Experience New Year Retreat” for Sheffield Insight: 29th December morning Dhamma talk and guided meditation The Buddha taught that the goal of the spiritual life is to be found within our body and mind, nowhere else. He also praised the practice of Mindfulness of the Body for its many benefits. In this first talk from a New Year retreat, Venerable Canda draws on the Four Noble Truths, reminding us that pain or suffering is to be met and fully understood, in order to be able to make peace with it and let it go. What am I doing? How is it affecting me? Where is it leading me? Venerable asks the participants to use these questions to reflect on ways of relating to experience during the retreat, in kind and gentle ways. We can learn to treat the body as a friend—listening to it; not owning it; with compassion, respecting its limitations, and with a sense of perspective. Guided meditation from around 41:13

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