Ven Canda: Day 3/2 “At Peace Through Loving Kindness and Gratitude” NY Retreat 2020

Part of Ven Canda’s “At Peace with Experience New Year Retreat” for Sheffield Insight: 31st December evening Dhamma talk and guided meditation Venerable Canda begins the dhamma talk by introducing us to one of the four brahmaviharas: Metta (Loving kindness). By taking care of our heart we can develop a softer inner dialogue and we tend to care more for ourselves & our environment. Venerable then teaches us how Metta can be enriched or fueled by gratitude and what Metta is. Loving kindness has protective qualities, dissolves boundaries, help us to undermine prejudice & bias and widens our circle of what is acceptable to us. It can also help us in our samadhi practice and for developing insight/wisdom. At 43:00 Ven Canda guides us through a Loving kindness meditation for about 30 minutes before ending the talk.

These teachings are freely offered so as to be accessible to all. Any donation you feel moved to offer will enable us to continue spreading the priceless Dhamma and will also contribute towards the development of the first Theravada Bhikkhuni Monastery in the UK, where women will be able to train towards full ordination, and people of every background, race, sexual orientation and gender will be warmly welcomed to visit or reside as guests. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

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