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All You Need Is Kindfulness - A Collection of Ajahn Brahm Quotes

The 63 quotes from Ajahn Brahm’s teachings in this collection have been gathered from various talks delivered between 2009 and 2013. The teachings were either given to the lay people at Nollamara Centre and Jhana Grove Meditation Retreat Centre or to monastics at Bodhinyana Monastery and overseas in Sri Lanka. The background photos have been taken over the last seven years in Germany, New Zealand, Ladakh (North India), Australia, Switzerland, England and the Czech Republic.

To give this work a bit of structure, the sayings have loosely been put under the three headings of Sīla, Samādhi and Pañña. These are respectively, the Pali terms for Virtue, Meditation and Wisdom, which constitute the basic structure of the Buddhist path. These terms are explained briefly at the beginning of each section.

May this collection of quotes inspire you to be kind, calm and wise!

Bhante Bodhidhaja (Bodhinyana Monastery, Perth, August 2014)


Let Ajahn Brahm’s words inspire, touch and guide your heart. Delight in developing kindness, peace and wisdom and live a happy and fulfilling life.



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All You Need Is Kindfulness – A Collection Of Ajahn Brahm Quotes (Videos)

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