From February 15th to 24th 2015, Ajahn Brahm offered this San Francisco Bay Area speaking tour in support of the Dhammadharini’s sangha new bhikkhuni monastery. Founded by Ayya Tathaaloka, the Dhammadharini women’s monastic community was the first bhikkhuni sangha of the Theravadan forest tradition in North America, and one of the few places in the West that women can become fully ordained Buddhist monastics.

Ajahn talked about the importance of being lighthearted on the spiritual path. Ajahn also busted a few myths in Buddhism, such as that samadhi isn’t “concentration” but better translated as “stillness”. “Concentration takes a lot of effort; stillness takes a lot of letting-go.” Ajahn then talked about how to let go, and shared other stores. The talk ends with a guided meditation by Ajahn (1:30:00) for about 25 mins.

This talk is a continuation of Part 1, and is a Q&A. The session starts with a question about divorce and relationships, is followed by a question about the relationship between samatha and vipassana. Ajahn talks about the importance of kindness leading to samatha (calm) and vipassana (insight), and also talks about how letting go strengthens the Knower and not the Do-er. Ajahn also answers other questions about education and relationships.

This talk is a continuation of Part 2’s Q&A. Ajahn answers questions about various topics, such as the use of humour, how to speak properly, how to use one’s two ears (“one to go in, one to go out”), etc. The session ends with a 30 min guided meditation by Ajahn (from 1:03:00), before ending with Ajahn answering more questions. (Note: recording ends abruptly)

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