Ajahn Hasapanna conducts a weekend mediation retreat from 26-28th February 2021, at Jhana Grove Retreat Centre in Serpentine, Western Australia.

Track 1: Introduction Talk & Meditation. Introduction to Awareness of Body Sensation, Walking Meditation and Mindfulness of the Breath (Friday 26-02-2021)


Track 2: Dhamma Talk: Overcoming the Negative Emotions of the Past and Fear of the Future (Saturday morning 27-02-2021)



Track 3: Metta Sutta Chanting and Questions & Answers Session (Saturday evening 27-02-2021)


Track 4: Questions & Answers Session (Sunday 28-02-2021)


Track 5: Talk on Loving Kindness and Metta Meditation (Sunday 28-02-2021)


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